A unique learning experience

As a professional photographer I am blessed to live in Scotland. A land where the quality of the light is like nowhere else in the world. Not only Scotland provides me with an abondance of photographic opportunities but also enables me to offer a unique learning experience to my students who have come from all around the world since 2013.

My workshops are bespoke. Tailored according to each student’s needs and wishes (from landscape photography to portraiture and from digital editing to fine art printing).  While my workshops are usually 1-0-1, I also accept small group up to 5 students. However, in order to ensure the best learning experience, I require that each student knows one another before the workshop. This makes it ideal for a group of friends, colleagues, or photo club members.

My workshops are the best solution to improve your photographic technique while acquiring some strong new ones with a qualified master professional photographer by your side. This is also a great opportunity to discover Scotland.

My workshops last from 1 to 7 days with an average of 6h per day

Sunrise on the Quiraing (Isle of Skye)

Made for all levels

While owning a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) is not a mandatory to attend my workshops, it is advised to have a camera that enable the user to change the exposure. All camera brands are welcome.

  • We will start by covering/reviewing the basics of photography (how to use the camera, the exposure triangle, achieving a correct exposure, the creative aspects of time and depth of field…) so we can build on a solid foundation
  • Once the basics are covered, we will put all that into practice.
  • I will share with you my own approach to achieve both accurate and creative exposures
  • We will cover the art of composing a photographic narrative
  • While I do offer workshop on digital editing, we do cover it a wee bit in other workshop (Landscape photography, Portraiture and Fine Art Printing) using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Bespoke itinerary

You choose the length of the workshop, the topics to be covered and I tailor you the perfect workshop for you (structure and itinerary).

Some suggestions

The Technique

  • The foundation of photography (Get a correct exposure, understand and master the theory)
  • How to photograph in Manual mode
  • How to use Filters to improve the quality of your photos and reduce the editing time on the computer
  • How to photograph during the Golden Hours
  • How to photograph at Night
  • Digital Photo Editing
  • How to make compelling Portraiture
  • How to photograph with a Flash (indoor & outdoor)
  • How to photograph Time (freeze time & its flow)
  • How to do Wildlife Photography
  • How to do Sport Photography
  • How to do Macro Photography
  • How to do Urban and Street Photography

The Locations

  • Isle of Skye ( 4 day workshop minimum)
  • Edinburgh
  • The Scottish Border
  • The Scottish Highlands (Glencoe, Cairngorm, Fort Williams, Loch Ness, Bruar’s Falls, Braemar…)
  • Loch Lomond National Park & the Trissachs
  • East coast of Scotland
  • West coast of Scotland
  • The far North of Scotland (4 day workshop minimum)
  • Visit the Scottish Winky distilleries : Glenfiddich, Famous Grouse, Talisker (Isle of Skye)
  • Northumberland & North Yorkshire (England)
View of the Black Cuillin (Isle of Skye)

Fee per student

The daily course fee is £200 per student.

Frequent Asked Questions

To answer most of the logistic related questions raised when planing a workshop, I have put together the following FAQs:

The starting point is Edinburgh, the Scottish capital city.

Edinburgh has its own international airport with several flights from all major cities in Europe and the rest of the world. Served by major airlines as well as Flybe, Easyjet and RyanAir. You can also get there by train (5 hours from London), by bus (9 hours from London). The journey by car from France is simple with the free motorway all the way (from the English coasts).

We can use Tom Migot’s car (maximum 4 students) for £ 20 per day + fuel costs. Otherwise, there are many rental agencies in Edinburgh. In any case, Tom can be the driver you prefer not to drive on the left.

In order to keep the cost of the workshop as low as possible, neither meals nor accommodation are provided. However, Tom Migot is here to  assist you with your booking and food suggestions.

Depending on the season and location, hotels, hostel and Bed & Breakfast.

Although risk management is at the heart of all the services offered by Tom Migot Fine Art, Tom Migot cannot be held responsible for your equipment or your health. The workshop contract is an agreement between responsible adult parties. Scotland is still part of Europe until the end of 2021 and therefore it is advised to take a European Health Insurance card if you are entitled (which provides access to medical care as in the rest of Europe) as well as a travel insurance.

To seize a maximum of photographic opportunities, it is advised to have at least a DSLR or hybrid camera. The format doesn’t matter. Regarding the lenses, having a range a focal length from 24mm to 200mm (full format equivalence) is highly recommended.

Despite the message from camera manufacturers, there isn’t much difference from brand to brand. The model and brand of your camera and lens do not matter for the workshop

Sometimes, the students wish to come accompanied by people who do not wish to learn photography but who are still interested in visiting Scotland. Like a husband or wife or children. This can be easily understood given the beauty of the country and the pleasure to discover it with the one we love. A contribution of £ 25 per adult and £ 15 per child per day is required.

Tom teaching the use of filters when composing a photograph

Let’s get in touch and plan the workshop you need

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  • Please enter a number from 1 to 5.

What they had to say about their workshop

"At the beginning of May, I had the opportunity to go to Scotland and do an internship at the weekend with Tom. Superb welcome and an energy that would take your breath away. Surprising meeting at the beginning because, we know him through his videos. For my part I draw several things: Scotland is still just as beautiful. I love! Tom gives his all with energy to pull us up. And he shares his passion with us throughout the day. Keep an eye on the light, the landscape (polarized sunglasses with a warm tone like his Canon). Take the photo and don't try to redo it behind your PC. Be mindful of where to place the tripod, compose the framing down to the smallest detail. Change location: Let's go to the other side of the hill at the top the light will be more beautiful ’. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. Accept criticism and advice, also observe his method, his technique. But also, many really interesting exchanges on his approach, the why and his views on life in general, the perception of others, the interest of spending time taking photos rather than editing in Lightroom. Really a great weekend, extremely dense and rich. And Tom, he's a real image trapper! "
Yann B.
"I really appreciated the" no brainer "atmosphere. The fact that the students knew each other must play, the tutor too! I really liked the work and the reflection around the composition of the images. I also understood better why photography takes time. In the end, a good enriching workshop that makes you want to dive even more into the practice of photography. Thank you Tom. "
Michel W.
"A nice winter circuit organized by Tom for 5 days. I took advantage of the different colors of this absolutely splendid country and Tom knows the regions well. My DSLR is now my friend. Tom allowed me to acquire a global vision of photography as well as on the technical aspects of my camera. Thank you Tom for your passion and your generosity. "
Charlotte P.
"A very friendly atmosphere and the discovery of superb landscapes largely compensate for the fatigue at the en of the 4-day journey through Scotland. I get from it, afterwards, excellent memories, the desire to return to Scotland (at another season) and photos I am (at my level) very satisfied with. I have acquired some photographic knowledge and techniques that I strive to put into practice during my outings. Very good ratio "experienced/pleasure / price ". Tom is also a very endearing person. In conclusion, the workshop fulfilled my exceptions and even more."
Patrick K.
"Hello Tom and future students, My two days with Tom were very beneficial for my progress in landscape photography. Tom was very flexible in the choice of the route and for the organisation of the workshop. clear answers to my technical questions. His passion is communicative, never running out of ideas on the photographic technique. His knowledge of the field is very useful to reach shooting spots easily and quickly. In a word, two days of pure happiness but tiring because of the heat of August and the weight of the equipment that I had brought for the HighLands. It is preferable if you want to make the Scottish landscape to prepare physically. "
José F.
"Thank you Tom for your generosity. This weekend really opened my eyes to the potentials of my camera."
Marie B.
"Dear Tom, I arrived in your country with my camera on automatic mode and now I am finally free and in control of my catches. These 72 hours were a memorable experience. Thank you."
Steph G.
"Little goodbye from Edinburgh Airport. Scotland is a beautiful country and thanks to you, Pierre and I are going back home with our head full of new memories and so are our SD cards. Your passion is such a great inspiration. We will recommend your expeditions to our friends at home. Thanks again. "
Alain T.
"For me this workshop was a great discovery. Discovery of a country with landscapes of magnificent colours. A sharing of all moments whether theoretical or practical with great kindness and always in a good mood. A very rewarding workshop which I will gladly repeat "
Nelly M.
"This workshop allowed me to discover Scotland through Tom's love for it. A beautiful country with magnificent landscapes where I will return, I hope, one day. I acquired a better knowledge of the photographic technique, and I now look differently at on the scenes I wish to capture, a new reflexion before shooting. I spent a few very pleasant days in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere; especially thanks to Tom. "
Elisabeth K.

Some photos captured during workshops

Click on the images below to enlarge the photo. They were captured during my photo workshop over the years. If the majority of them were photographed in Scotland (The Scottish Borders, Isle of Skye, the Scottish Highlands, Perth & Kinross, Dumfries & Galloway, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, East Lothian, Argyll & Bute. ..) some are from visits to Northumberland, the northernmost county in England.