Tragedy in the Scottish sky above the beautiful Edinburgh

Sunset over Edinburgh in Scotland
Sunset over Edinburgh in Scotland

Some say Scotland does not have four seasons but a very long cold grey winter and maybe a few hours of summer. The reality is much different.

For me, each Scottish season brings its specific weather which provides remarkable colour tones and always dramatic skies. Would I wish the rain came less often and the wind give itself a break once in a while and the temperature was closer to the one found in the French Riviera? Yes, maybe on one of those days when Nature reminds me who’s holding the leash and forces me to change my plans. But overall I am a happy Scottish resident. It is rather rare when the sky is greedy and shows only a boring blue pastel. Clouds mean drama in the photography and I invite you to come to the Scottish capital city, seat at the foot of the National Monument of Scotland (pseudo-greek temple) on Carlton Hill and admire this tragedy worthy of Dionysus.

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