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CIWTF JonathanChritchley

My in-depth discussion with Jonathan Chritchley

This is my in-depth conversation with the inspiring artist photographer, Jonathan Chritchley. Learn about his journey, his unique photography style and the behind the scene ...

One’s Perception of Your Photography

Here I try to answer one of the questions you posted about my discussion with Joe Cornish.
Discussion With Joe Cornish

My Inspiring Discussion with Joe Cornish

Here is the uncut recording of my discussion with the Landscape photography master Joe Cornish.
Can a monkey own the copyright of your photo?

Monkey Selfie – The Real Truth with David Slater Himself

In this episode of Capture it with Tom's friends, I discuss with David Slater, the photographer behind the controversial macaque self portrait which has made ...
interview of Nate Parker

Landscape Photography by Nate Parker

In this episode, I interview the very inspiring landscape photographer from Mount Desert Island Maine (USA), Nate Parker.
interview of photographer Chris Ward

Boudoir & Portraiture by Chris Ward

In this episode, I interview the great Boudoir & Portrait photographer from Dorset (England), Chris Ward.
interview of photography hugh smith

Capture it with Tom’s friends – Hugh Smith

In this episode, my guest is a great photographer from California USA, Hugh Smith.
interview of jim garrison

Capture it with Tom’s friends – Jim Garrison

My chat with a great photographer from Colorado USA, Jim Garrison.