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How I improve my audio and video

In the quest for a better sound to go my videos, I have purchased a few new gears. Here are the reasons behind the acquisition ...
CWTM ReviewDaguerreotypeAchromat

The Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm f2.9 by Lomography

Real life review of a new lens that is nearly 200 years old: the Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm f2.9 by Lomography
CWTM ReviewApemanSL350

Full review of the Apeman SL350 Flash

Here is a full review of the powerful but affordable flash unit, the Apeman SL350.
How to Charge your GoPro Karma Grip in under 2 Hours

Charge your GoPro Karma Grip in under 2 Hours

After a few weeks of using the GoPro Karma Grip, I show you how I can fully charge it under 2 hours.
Installation and test of the GoPro Karma with Hero 4

Gopro Karma Grip + Hero 4: Installation & Outdoor Test

In this episode, I am showing you how to install the GoPro Karma Grip with the Hero4 camera and I do a test outside.
Review of the Hadley Pro Bag From Billingham

Review of the Hadley Pro bag from Billingham

In this episode, I do a review of the Hadley Pro bag from Billingham which I have tested in real life for 4 months.

Review of the affordable GPS from Marrex: MX-G10M II from the depths of the Devil’s Pulpit in Scotland

In this episode I review the latest GPS from Marrex MX-G10M II and I discover a new mystical location: The Devil's Pulpit in Scotland.

Geotag Your photographs with Canon GP-E2 or With a Very Cheap Alternative

In this video I am doing more than a simple product review of the Canon GP-E2 GPS receiver, I also give you a cheap alternative ...
Discussion With Joe Cornish

My Inspiring Discussion with Joe Cornish

Here is the uncut recording of my discussion with the Landscape photography master Joe Cornish.
Review of the Manfrotto L Bracket

The Dangers Associated with Vertical Landscape & my solution (with Manfrotto L Bracket Q2)

Landscapes do not have to be captured horizontally but be careful as there are some risk and problems when doing it vertically.