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the hyperfocal distance

The Hyperfocal Distance explained

In this episode, I explain what the Hyperfocal Distance is about and show some resulting photographs using that technique.
The dof calculator

How to calculate the Depth Of Field

In this episode, I am answering a question from a viewer who asked me how to calculate the DOF.
Macro photography with extension tubes

Cheap Macro Photography – Extension Tubes

A great cheap alternative to expensive Macro lens.
how to make the zoo cage disappear

Zoo tips – Make the cage disappear

A great tip when taking picture of wildlife at the Zoo.
how to create the star effect

Creative Aperture – Stardom effect

A new creative power of the Aperture: the Stardom Effect.
the exposure modes

The Exposure Modes

The Exposure Modes your digital camera offers.
the dof

Creative Aperture – Depth of Field

The creative aspect of the Aperture : The Depth of Field.