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CLATM Sand  Camera

My camera does not fear dust!

Don't let dust prevent you from swapping your lenses when shooting outdoors. Here are my quick tips.
How to Charge your GoPro Karma Grip in under 2 Hours

Charge your GoPro Karma Grip in under 2 Hours

After a few weeks of using the GoPro Karma Grip, I show you how I can fully charge it under 2 hours.
Installation and test of the GoPro Karma with Hero 4

Gopro Karma Grip + Hero 4: Installation & Outdoor Test

In this episode, I am showing you how to install the GoPro Karma Grip with the Hero4 camera and I do a test outside.

Review of the affordable GPS from Marrex: MX-G10M II from the depths of the Devil’s Pulpit in Scotland

In this episode I review the latest GPS from Marrex MX-G10M II and I discover a new mystical location: The Devil's Pulpit in Scotland.

What are the Native ISO?

In this episode, I answer one question you have asked me: What are the Native ISO?

Geotag Your photographs with Canon GP-E2 or With a Very Cheap Alternative

In this video I am doing more than a simple product review of the Canon GP-E2 GPS receiver, I also give you a cheap alternative ...
remove thermal noise using the dark frame subtraction method in Photoshop

Remove Thermal Noise with a Dark Frame Subtraction in Adobe Photoshop

In this episode, I show you how you can deal with the Thermal Noise (Hot Pixels) resulting from a long exposure with a Dark Frame ...
In camera long exposure noise reduction

In camera’s Long Exposure Noise Reduction – Good or Bad?

In this episode, I finish to answer your question: What is the Lon Exposure Noise Reduction feature modern DSL offer built-in?
Is it worth activating ...
auto iso

Auto ISO good or bad?

In this episode, I am questioning whether Auto ISO is an absolute no go.
raw vs jpeg vs tiff

Raw vs Jpeg vs Tiff

The output formats your camera produces: RAW, JPEG and TIFF.