Review of the affordable GPS from Marrex: MX-G10M II from the depths of the Devil’s Pulpit in Scotland

What an interesting product and a fantastic location!


While it was not meant to be a comparative video between the Marrex MX-G10M II and the Canon GP-E2 for which I did a thorough review a few months ago, one can not help but try to spot the differences between both and that’s a rather good sign for Marrex, don’t you think?

As a matter of fact, the two products are mainly distinguishable by their retail price. While Canon can be around £200, the latter GPS model from Marrex seats at £80. A question arises then: Is the Marrex GPS a bargain not to be missed?


  • Marrex: 73mmx50mmx31mm
  • Canon: 72.9mmx54.3mmx44.2mm
The Marrex GPS on my Canon 5DIII
The Marrex GPS on my Canon 5DIII


  • Marrex: 72g
  • Canon: 81g


  • Marrex: mini USB for connection with the camera and micro USB for charging and connection to a PC.
  • Canon: Connection with the camera via the HotShoe and mini USB for connection to a PC.

LCD screen

  • Marrex: yes
  • Canon: no

Power source

  • Marrex: Built-in Li-ion battery (charged in 4 hours and lasts up to 6 hours continuously)
  • Canon: AA Battery (lasts about 8 continuously)


One will find in the Marrex GPS all the features of the Canon’s one. That being said, with its LCD screen, Marrex made it easy to be configured. Here is the map of the menus:

The function tree for the Marrex GPS
The function tree for the Marrex GPS

Trace log

  • Marrex: 1 NMEA-0183 (same as Canon) & 1 KML (Google Earth); 1 file (of each) per day based on the UTC time.
  • Canon: 1 NMEA-0813; One file per day based on the UTC.

Satellite connection

  • Marrex & Canon: between 15 and 60sec.



As far as I am concerned, the only real difference  between the Canon GP-E2 and the Marrex MX-G10M II are (price aside):

  • The Canon’s hot shoe connection avoids the need for a cable connecting the GPS to the camera, which ensures a better resistance to rain (Scottish weather in mind).
  • Canon’s use of an AA battery avoids long and proactive charging times and allows greater autonomy (provided you carry more than one battery).

Can these differences justify a price more than doubled? Probably not, but it really depends on one’s budget. I’m glad I got to try the Marrex GPS and I highly recommend it to anyone on a budget who do not want to bother with a trace generated by a mobile phone as shown in my previous article).

The shoot in the Devil’s Pulpit

What a wonderful shoot! This place is truly magical, and I will undoubtedly go back there before the summer end and perhaps with a model. Meanwhile here are the two photos in high resolution.

Landscape photography of the Devil's pulpit in Scotland
Landscape photography of the Devil’s pulpit in Scotland
Landscape photography of the green Devils pulpit in Scotland
Landscape photography of the green Devils pulpit in Scotland

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