New addition to the Landscape gallery: The Witch House

The Witch House captured at Rocamadour in France
The Witch House captured at Rocamadour in France

This is probably not what one would expect to capture when going to the amazing citadelle of Rocamadour. However, no matter where you go, especially when it is a famous touristic location (such as Rocamadour), as a photographer one must push the boundaries of the obvious and capture a well known subject in the most unusual and creative way. This is the only chance to guarantee one’s work does not fall unnoticed.

Rocamadour is a beautiful city built directly against the rock. It has obviously been photographed thousands of times over so if one wishes to record something unique, one should better give some thoughts before pressing that Shutter.

In my case, I kept my camera in my bag for quite some time before I stumbled across this old street beyond one of the city gates where one could say, a ray of light showed me my subject: The Witch House at the cross trail to the sanctuaries.

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