My Inspiring Discussion with Joe Cornish

Here is the uncut recording of my discussion with the Landscape photography master Joe Cornish…

More than my photography hero – A generous human being

I would like to start by stating that Joe is a generous being. Not only through his craft with the inspiring photographs of the world we live in he has been capturing for the past 30 years but also in his genuine openness to others.

When I’ve approached him back in April at the Photography show in Birmingham, he did not hesitate for a second before welcoming the idea of doing a video with me. When I reached out to him later in August, he confirmed his interest in the idea and we set a date right away. Finally, on the day before our meeting when I called him to let him know about the Total Warrior job I was offered which would conflict with our engagement, he was the one suggesting I do not pass on the gig and we postponed our meeting to the following week. Ultimately, we met on September 17th 2015, at my house around 6:20pm and the 4 hours that followed were extremely delighting.

This is the uncut video of my informal discussion with him where we take a close look at his own journey of 30 years, go behind the scene of some of his photographs and finally Joe offers a very personal and constructive critique of the photographs you sent which I had preselected.

With Landscape in Mind DVD

with landscape in mind DVD joe cornish
with landscape in mind DVD joe cornish

I do invite you to acquire Joe’s DVD “With Landscape in Mind” which is the most inspiring video I have ever come across about the art of photography. The dvd won’t teach you what Aperture or Shutter speed to use, however, it will provide you with far more precious things: an invitation to open your eyes on the world that surrounds us and an inspiration to capture it in photographs.

Joe’s gallery

Joe Cornish gallery
Joe Cornish gallery

Joe’s photos I selected for this video were from his gallery:

It is a real gallery located in Yorkshire UK where Joe lives. The gallery hosts obviously Joe’s own work but also other amazing artists such as the photographer Paul Harris ( photograph found its way in the video.

Joe Cornish Gallery Register House, Zetland Street Northallerton, DL6 1NA, United Kingdom

Office: +44 (0)1609 777404 Fax: +44 (0) 1609 777403 E-mail: [email protected]

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