How to fix your image background in Photoshop

Photography is nothing without a good composition. That being said, a mistake I often see my students do is not paying enough attention to the background scene when shooting a portrait or photographing wildlife. The background can most definitely ruin an otherwise great photo and it is also true when using a shallow depth of field with a wide aperture. In this video, I show you step by step how I fix the background of an image in Adobe Photoshop.

Tutorials on the tools used in the video

In this tutorial, I have used the following tools: Learn Photoshop: The Quick Selection & Magic Wand tools Tip of the Day: Why I crop in Photoshop instead of Lightroom

Conclusion: Photoshop is not the solution

While Adobe Photoshop is doing a great result in the case of the photograph used in this tutorial, it will not always be. The most challenging thing in photography is not to capture a correctly exposed photograph. A monkey can do it! The art consists in telling a story but not everyone is a journalist or a novelist. While knowing how to write is rudimental, one has to wisely choose the words so the reader does not get lost in the rhetoric. My advice to you is this: Think about the narrative in your photograph before pressing the shutter button. Let me know in a comment whether you have ever had some great shots that ended up being ruined by a polluting background and whether you found this Photoshop tutorial informative.  

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