My in-depth discussion with Jonathan Chritchley

Like for any other art, inspiration plays a big role in Photography. Anything can be a valid source of inspiration, and I must admit I do enjoy looking at my fellow photographers’ work some time to time. It is no secret my biggest inspiration is Joe Cornish who I had the honour to meet with multiple times.

How did this discussion happen?

Several years ago I came across some amazing black and white photographs of boat sails. Little did I know then that it would be the work of the same artist photographer who appears in some of Lee filters videos I watched some months ago: Jonathan Chritchley. About four months ago, I reached out to Jonathan to invite him to participate in my “Capture it with Tom’s Friends” series on Youtube. It resulted in this 2h video which is the uncut recording of our in-depth discussion. Not only do we learn about Jonathan’s strong relationship with water, his world in monochrome and his signature square format photographs, he also reveals the stories behind some of his great work. He generously agreed to do a review of some of my audience photos. I had received 117 images from around the world from which I selected 10 for critique. I am sure Jonathan’s photography will inspire you as much as it does me and I heartily invite you to visit his website to discover more of his creation. You can even acquire his first published hardcover book “Silver” which showcases over 70 photographs across 136 pages. Finally, should you wish to learn more about Jonathan’s technique, you can join one of his workshops. Let me know in the comment section what you thought of this discussion and whether there is another inspiring photographer you’d like me to interview for this series. Don’t forget the little challenge I mentioned in the video about the dark horse with the reflection in its eye. 

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