5 Days to Honour the Isle of Skye – Day 3: The Needle of the Cuith-Raing

photograph of the quiraing at sunrise on the isle of skye in scotland
The Needle of the Cuith-Raing ISO100, F13, 1/10sec

The Needle of the Cuith-Raing ISO100, F13, 1/10sec

Day 3 in honour of the Isle of Skye with a great capture of The Needle of the Cuith-Raing.

I invite you to see the Day 1 & Day 2 photographs if you have not yet:

This third photograph was also made last August during one of my photography workshops and I hesitated before using it for this series because it is again the same location as for the Day 1 & 2 photographs. However, I think this really illustrates how much beauty at 360 degrees there is on the isle. Here we are looking toward the north and the Needle is the name of the very end of the ridge where the 37m rock appears like a spear.  I promise this is the last photograph of the series from around the Quiraing area.

This was achieved with my Canon TS-E 24mm II, a single shot. I used my Lee 105mm polariser filter and a combination of Neutral Density graduated filters to retrieve the sky.

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